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The Elementies
6 min readNov 19, 2021


The Elementies is a Pokémon-inspired, free-to-play and play-to-earn game that uses the Solana blockchain. The game will be available on PC, Android, and iOS. The game’s main characters are Elementies, NFT tokens that are used in-game.

We created this guide to introduce you to our project. We’ll also delve into some basic gameplay mechanics.

Players will be immersed in a unique and fascinating world filled with funny creatures called “Elementies.” These creatures live in a parallel dimension on Fuzzi Mountain and work to maintain harmony and well-being throughout the entire Universe.

The Elementies allows players to earn money by winning battles, collaborating with other players, breeding, selling and renting property, and much more.

Elementies’ Body Parts And Stats

Elementies are the game’s main characters. You can breed them, battle with other players, and raise them on Fuzzi Mountain — all these activities allow you to earn money, too.

Each Elementie can be used in different game modes, and each has unique traits that determine its skills and characteristics.

Body Parts

Each Elementie has six customizable body parts or traits: horns, eyes, mouths, ears, tails, and body type. Every unique part also has its own rarity ranking: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, or mythic.

How do different body parts affect your Elementie’s characteristics?

Let’s start with Body Type. There are eight distinct Body Types available: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Shadow, Time, Sound.

Your Elementie’s body type determines the type of attack it makes, which also affects its chances against another Elementie in battle.

Horns and mouths determine the power of an Elementie’s attack, while ears and eyes determine an Elementie’s energy level. Finally, an Elementie’s tail determines its defense.


Body parts will determine your character’s stats. Key stats include Health, Power, Defense, and Energy. We’re planning on adding more attributes and stats for Elementies soon.

Here’s a quick rundown of what each stat represents:

Health — The amount of damage your Elementie can take before leaving a battle.

Power — Increases the attack and critical rates of your skills.

Defense — Determines your character’s resistance to enemy attacks.

Energy — Required to use your skills. When your energy is totally spent, only a basic attack can be used.

Level up your Elementie

Elementie Level (EL)

To raise your Elementie level, you can collect breeding potions (BP) in PvE and PvP battles. The higher your level, the more BP you will need to breed your creature. Your character’s Energy Level, Power, Defense, and Health depend on their Elementie level as well.

Breeding potion (BP)

Breeding potions, which can be collected during battles, are used for breeding and for increasing characters’ stats. Collecting breeding potions is a core game goal — with these potions, you can transform and strengthen your Elementie.

There’s also an element of chance involved with breeding potions — if you are lucky, you may get one that will allow you to breed a rare Elemntie with a unique coat type.

Elementie Transformation

If you collect three Elementies according to the chart above and gather the necessary number of potions, you can upgrade your team. An upgrade increases your chances of being in the “Top 50 Players.” These players receive special rewards and have the opportunity to be the ones who finally bring harmony to Fuzzi Land.


Each Elementie can have up to four skills. These are broken down into three active skills (two attacks and one defense) and one passive skill.

Skills can be learned in the Fuzzi Cave, and they are unique to each body type. As your Elementie’s level progresses, the number of skills you can learn increases from one to four.

At level one, your character starts with one random active skill. Then, as you level up, your character can learn additional skills.

Some skills are particularly strong, or weak, against other Elementies, depending on your own Elementie’s body type.

Game Modes

Shatter Battlefield — PvE

In the PvE action area, you can move step-by-step through 30 locations to increase your Elementie level and collect breeding potions. Fight Crazy ELs (Elementies who have lost their Fuzzi spiritual connection) to quicken your progress. However, be careful. Your Elementie can lose everything on their way to the peak.

Fuzzi Arena — PvP

You can reach the mountain’s peak another way. Fight with other players in teams of three to increase your level and collect breeding potions. Use your Elementie to its fullest potential by applying your personal strategy. Become the leader of the Fuzzi!

Fuzzi Caves (coming soon)

Caves are an essential part of the game. Players can buy or rent caves on the marketplace. The cave is the only place where Elementies can carry out their transformations. Plus, an Elementie can spend time in its cave to recover after a difficult battle.

Elementies Battle System

The figure in the lower-left corner shows the number of potions you have already collected.

The figure in the lower right corner shows the skills available to your Elementie. Do your best to upgrade your Elementie so they can access as many skills as possible! The Health and Energy of each Elementie are displayed directly above them.

The wheel in the central upper area shows which Elementie attacks next.

The available skills for your active hero are shown at the bottom center of the screen.

Each of your Elementie’s skills requires a certain amount of Energy. Only one skill can be used every turn. Find the perfect combination of skills and be the first to neutralize all your opponent’s Elementies.

Future vision

With the rapid development of the cryptocurrency sector today, we have an exceptional opportunity to spend time doing what we enjoy — gaming with others on the Internet -while also earning money.

We always pay special attention to our community, and we do everything in our power to make the players feel confident and to have our game process be enjoyable, understandable, and simple.

We believe we are on a path towards becoming a future play-to-earn blue-chip project on the Solana blockchain. We welcome you to join our expedition.

Stay tuned, and see you soon in The Arena!

The Elementies Team ❤️

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The Elementies

The Elementies is a Free to Play & Play to Earn game powered on the Solana blockchain. It is a friendly metaverse with 5000 base characters.